Living In An Unhappy Marriage? 5 Signs It Might Be Time For Divorce

Divorce is never an easy decision to reach. If you and your spouse have tried everything to make your marriage work, it might be time to sit down with a divorce attorney. Here are five questions that will help you understand if divorce is right for you.

How Do You Feel When You Think About Your Marriage?

Close your eyes and think about your marriage. How does it make you feel? If thoughts of your marriage fill you with dread, despair or sadness, divorce may be your best option. Those types of feelings are often associated with depression. It's important to note that marital stress can increase your risk of developing depression.

Do You Day Dream about Being Single?

Have your marital problems gotten so bad that you find yourself daydreaming about being single? If you do, that may be a sign that your marriage has run its course. This is particularly true if those daydreams are taking up a large portion of your thoughts.

Are You Staying Married For Your Children?

Do you have children? Are you staying married because you don't want them to be harmed by a divorce? You should know that you may be doing them more harm than good. In fact, children who grow up around fighting parents are more likely to behave aggressively. Children who grow up in unhappy homes also learn to view that type of behavior as the "norm." Before you stay married for your children, decide whether your marital problems are creating an unhealthy situation for them.

Do You Avoid Going Home at Night?

You don't want to admit that your marriage is over, but you find yourself taking longer to get home at night. Marital problems can create an unhealthy environment for you. If you avoid going home because you want to avoid the marital strife, it might be time to seriously consider divorce.

Have You Already Tried Counseling?

Counseling can help couples overcome the problems that are plaguing their marriage. Unfortunately, counseling doesn't always work. If you and your spouse have already tried counseling, but the problems are still there, it may be time to go your separate ways. This is particularly true if your spouse was not willing to take the counseling seriously.

You thought that your marriage would last forever. Unfortunately, problems have come up that you just can't work through. Don't live in stress and turmoil. If you've reached the end of your marriage, discuss your options with an experienced divorce attorney.