How A Claim Of Domestic Violence Can Change The Trajectory Of A Child Custody Case

Separating or divorcing from a partner that you have children in common with doesn't guarantee there will be a battle over child custody. However, if an accusation of domestic violence has ever been verbalized or implied you have to get the opinion of a domestic violence attorney. Family court systems don't look at domestic violence abusers and survivors as the only participants in their damaging relationships; children are also greatly impacted when they live in households where domestic violence is present. Retain a well-respected domestic violence attorney so that you can build a case for custody that proves to be in the best interest of your children.

When You Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence

A great portion of claims of domestic violence are proven to be valid, but there are some litigants who either stretch or misrepresent the truth so that they can get a leg up in family court. With a domestic violence attorney, you can find out from the very beginning how you can go about obtaining child custody. If you have ever assaulted or committed an offense against your former partner, your domestic violence attorney can help get you into DV offenders classes to be rehabilitated so you won't miss out on years of your child's life. If you are innocent, your attorney can aid you in prove that the claims made against you are wholly false.

For Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence

When you have children that hang in the balance, sometimes the hardest thing to do is speak out about domestic violence that was doled out by the other parent. You will be judged for failing to speak up sooner and for failing to protect your child, even if you are sure that your child was never abused. Most importantly, you will have to prove that you were actually abused. Your domestic violence attorney can direct you to support resources as well as advise you on how to get a family court judge to take note of your claims of domestic violence.

In some court systems, parents in the middle of a child custody dispute will have to meet with mediators as well as child advocates as soon as the words "domestic violence" are uttered. Are you going to be prepared to prove your innocence or your claims in family court? A domestic violence attorney knows a DV survivor can credibly testify in court as well as how a parent defending against claims of abuse can prepare for family court.