Three Scenarios In Which You Should Ask For A Temporary Support Order

If you're in the early stages of a divorce, you might be experiencing some financial stress. It can take a while for the divorce proceedings to wrap up, and this means that if you expect to be receiving alimony payments once the divorce is finalized, it could be some time before the checks start arriving. A person in your shoes may wish to speak to his or her divorce attorney about a temporary support order. This is a court order that specifies that your spouse needs to help you financially, even before alimony is decided. Here are three scenarios in which you should ask for a temporary support order.

You Don't Have An Income

Plenty of couples are made up of one person who works and another person who doesn't work. The latter may not work because he or she has recently been terminated or because he or she stays at home with the children. If you don't have an income and you've recently separated as you begin divorce proceedings, you may soon be experiencing financial hardship. This is a time to discuss a temporary support order.

Your Spouse Has Blocked Your Access To Money

It's possible that your spouse has gone out of his or her way to block your access to money, and this can leave you in a financial struggle — even if you will be getting alimony payments in the coming weeks or months. For example, if your spouse has transferred money out a bank account that you formerly shared and placed the funds in an account to which you do not have access, you'll definitely want to talk to your divorce attorney about hurriedly getting a temporary support order drawn up.

You Aren't Able To Work

When a couple begins to start divorce proceedings, each person can benefit from accepting that he or she needs to behave in a self sufficient manner. For someone who perhaps only works part time, he or she may lack the funds that are needed for housing and daily expenses. The logical answer for someone in this position is to quickly look for a job, but there may be circumstances that prevent you from doing so. Maybe you're disabled in some manner or are contending with an illness that prevents you from working more. Before your limited funds run out, have your attorney bring forward a temporary support order to help you.

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