3 Things Your Divorce Attorney Can Help You With Prior To Filing

You have decided that divorce is the only solution for your tumultuous marriage, and you are delaying contacting a divorce attorney until you have things in order. It is a must to have an attorney later, but it is also good to bring in their legal counsel before you are ready to file. Take a look at some of the things your divorce attorney can help you out with prior to filing for a divorce.

1. Get legal advice about separation requirements in your state. 

Each state has different laws about when you can file for divorce. Some states state that you have to be legally separated for a certain time period before you can legally proceed with the divorce. For example, in the state of North Carolina, couples have to be legally separated for at least a year before they can proceed with a divorce filing and the one-year legal separation is often used alone as grounds for filing without any other secondary cause. Your divorce attorney will help you understand the requirements in your state. 

2. Get advice on how to work out potential obstacles before you file. 

The dissolution of marriage can come along with a lot of obstacles, both emotional and physical. Unfortunately, these obstacles can get in the way when you file for a divorce, which can mean the process takes longer than what it should. Some of the most common obstacles that get in the way during divorce proceedings include: 

  • Disputes about property division 
  • Disagreements regarding proceeding with the divorce 
  • Inability to contact your spouse 

Your attorney can help you work through these issues before you file so that the issues do not cause problems that slow down the process later on. 

3. Get information about child custody and child support. 

Divorce attorneys usually practice under the designation of family law, which means divorce is not going to be the only legal matter your attorney is well-versed in. If there are children involved, issues with child custody and child support can come up during the divorce and drastically slow things down. The more knowledgeable you are about these processes in your state before you actually file for divorce, the more prepared you will be when issues come up relative to custody or support that can need a solution before everything is final. For example, if child custody arrangements will have to be decided before the divorce is finalized in your state.

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