Figuring Out Child Support in Probate Court

Child custody arrangements can leave two parents sharing child custody equally, yet one party still pays child support to the other. The goal of child support is to establish an equal living environment for the children as much as possible. When both parties report their income, the income is put into a formula and child support is calculated. If one parent is the primary custodian, they are going to receive child support based on income reports. If both parties share equal custody and equal expenses, it is still possible for one parent to receive support if income is significantly different from one another.

Reporting Income for Child Support

Child support is calculated using a formula based on income. If parents are self-reporting income, it can be easy to misrepresent the numbers in order to avoid or get more child support. The court system takes people at their word. If you believe your ex is lying about income because of child support obligations, it's important to gather proof of the lie. If you can't get proof, the court takes what people say and uses it to calculate child support.

When You Have More Than One Child

Child support doesn't double when you have more than one child. The formula is a bit different in each state, but you can expect to receive or pay child support that goes up by a percentage if you have a second, third, or subsequent child. The income of each parent is taken into consideration, and it is used to support the children. When more than one child is involved, or an individual has a support obligation to a child born previously, this is all factored in.

Modifying the Child Support Order

If you learn new information about the other parent regarding employment and you have proof, you can go back to court for a child support modification. You don't want to do this often, as going to court can become expensive. When you are able to show that the parent paying support has a much higher income than reported, it will benefit you to go to court and have the child support order changed.

When you are trying to figure out child support and you aren't sure what to do, a family attorney can help you get through the process. The formula is set, and the only time guidelines aren't followed is when both parties agree to it.