When You Get A Child Support Modification Notice In The Mail

One of the most unwelcome things that you can receive in the mail, whether you are paying child support or receiving it, is a notice from the court that there's been a request to modify the order. If you're receiving it, you can bet that the person paying it is asking to decrease the payments. If you're paying it, you can bet that the recipient wants more. In order to understand the best way to deal with this, you need to understand what can cause changes in support.

Heading For Divorce: 3 Ways To Ensure Your Finances Are Protected

If you're considering a divorce, you're going to need to make sure that your finances are protected. This is particularly true if your spouse was responsible for the finances during your marriage. You might not have your own copies of the financial documents. That can be a problem during the settlement negotiations when assets and debts are being divided. Before you sit down with your divorce attorney, you need to have copies of the following financial records.

Everything You Need To Know About Filing A Lawsuit Against Your Spouse

When you fall in love and get married, you and your spouse are not just committing to spend the rest of your natural lives together. The two of you are also entering a legally binding contract between two consenting adults. If you and your spouse are now deciding to go your separate ways, it can be for many reasons. The three biggest issues that lead to divorce are finances, the inability to connect as a couple, and infidelity.

FAQs Of Temporary Orders

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, it could take months or longer for your divorce to be final. In the meanwhile, issues, such as spousal or child support, might require immediate attention. If you and your spouse have issues that need to be addressed by the family court now, here is what you need to know.  What Can You Do? In the event that you have an issue that has to be resolved now, you can request a temporary order from the family court.

Understanding The Mediation Process When Deciding On Custody Arrangements

If you are in the process of getting divorced and you have a child, you will want to do what is best for them regarding custody and visitation while waiting for a court-ordered custody hearing. If you and your spouse have disagreements about who will retain custody or the duration of visitation rights of the other party, you may find going to a mediation session can be a huge help in coming to a concrete agreement. Here is a summary of what happens when you have a mediation session to help prepare you for the process.

3 Tips For A Marital Separation Agreement

When you and your spouse agree to separate, it is important that you create and sign a separation agreement. The agreement can not only help to avoid conflicts while you are separated, but it could potentially serve as the foundation for your final divorce decree. Here are some tips for preparing an agreement.  Decide on Family Home and Expenses A big part of the separation agreement will focus on who will take possession of the family home until the divorce is final and who is responsible for paying which bills.

Living In An Unhappy Marriage? 5 Signs It Might Be Time For Divorce

Divorce is never an easy decision to reach. If you and your spouse have tried everything to make your marriage work, it might be time to sit down with a divorce attorney. Here are five questions that will help you understand if divorce is right for you. How Do You Feel When You Think About Your Marriage? Close your eyes and think about your marriage. How does it make you feel?

Don't Forget About Your Financial Health When Divorcing

If you are currently separated or are planning on filing for a divorce from your spouse soon, you need to make sure that you take care of your financial health and well being. Make an appointment with your divorce attorney to specifically discuss how you can protect your financial interests during your divorce. Here are a few things you can do: Gather Up Important Financial Documents Before You File If you are planning on getting a divorce, you need to start gathering up all your financial statements.

Tips For Protecting Your Credit Over Joint Debts In A Divorce

If you are getting divorced and have debts in both of your names, you may need to talk to your lawyer about this to ensure the debts are paid and split properly. While you may both end up responsible for paying half the debts, keeping them in joint accounts is not a wise option. This could end up ruining your credit, if your ex-spouse does not keep up with his or her end of the bargain.

3 Things To Remember When Going Through A Military Divorce

If you are in the armed services, you may not be aware that going through a divorce won't be the same as if you were a civilian. There are certain things to keep in mind to make sure that your interests are protected and that you comply with laws in place for military members. Here are some things to remember if you are going through a military divorce. Get a Lawyer Before Addressing a Divorce Petition