What Should Be Incuded In Your Divorce Order?

You are filing for divorce and want to be as clear as possible in your filing. In many situations, if you don't clearly state what you want to take with you from your marriage — from your children to your pets — you can end up in court fighting for what you feel is rightfully yours in the end. Whether you have children involved in your marriage or not, you want a skilled divorce lawyer by your side.

Three Scenarios In Which You Should Ask For A Temporary Support Order

If you're in the early stages of a divorce, you might be experiencing some financial stress. It can take a while for the divorce proceedings to wrap up, and this means that if you expect to be receiving alimony payments once the divorce is finalized, it could be some time before the checks start arriving. A person in your shoes may wish to speak to his or her divorce attorney about a temporary support order.

Chapter 7 Bankuptcy: Vital Steps Before You File

People in serious financial difficulties have various options for relief, one of which is declaring bankruptcy. For most individuals, this involves filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the type of bankruptcy that deals mainly with consumer debt. Filing for Chapter 7 is not something to be taken lightly, however. Here are some key steps to carry out before you file. Do You Need To File? The first step in determining whether filing is actually necessary.

How A Claim Of Domestic Violence Can Change The Trajectory Of A Child Custody Case

Separating or divorcing from a partner that you have children in common with doesn't guarantee there will be a battle over child custody. However, if an accusation of domestic violence has ever been verbalized or implied you have to get the opinion of a domestic violence attorney. Family court systems don't look at domestic violence abusers and survivors as the only participants in their damaging relationships; children are also greatly impacted when they live in households where domestic violence is present.

Potential Benefits Of Filing A Fault Divorce

A no-fault divorce has often been held up as superior to fault divorce, and this is true in some aspects. However, there are also some advantages to filing a fault divorce, and they include the following: No Waiting Period Most jurisdictions require a waiting period for those who want to divorce. The rationale is that the waiting period gives both parties time to reflect on their impending divorce and decide whether they really want it.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Divorce Lawyer

One of the most stressful events in life is going through a divorce. It can take its toll emotionally and financially, leaving you left wondering where to go next. You can get through this process in one piece, though, by hiring a divorce lawyer. This professional can provide the following benefits.  Offer Objective Advice  Once a divorce is laid out on the table, you may want to stop at nothing to hurt your former spouse.