Figuring Out Child Support in Probate Court

Child custody arrangements can leave two parents sharing child custody equally, yet one party still pays child support to the other. The goal of child support is to establish an equal living environment for the children as much as possible. When both parties report their income, the income is put into a formula and child support is calculated. If one parent is the primary custodian, they are going to receive child support based on income reports.

3 Things Your Divorce Attorney Can Help You With Prior To Filing

You have decided that divorce is the only solution for your tumultuous marriage, and you are delaying contacting a divorce attorney until you have things in order. It is a must to have an attorney later, but it is also good to bring in their legal counsel before you are ready to file. Take a look at some of the things your divorce attorney can help you out with prior to filing for a divorce.

Mistakes To Avoid When Contemplating Divorce

Divorce is a complicated process that you should not further complicate with avoidable mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes you shouldn't make while preparing for a divorce. Go On a Spending Spree During a divorce, the court will review your assets and divide the marital assets fairly between the two of you. The review will involve not only the assets available at the time of the divorce but also the assets either of you consumed shortly before the divorce.

Hiring A Probate Attorney To Help You Navigate The System

Probate is a little hard to understand for some people. Often people see the probate process as a bad thing, but if you know the process, it can be just the opposite. Getting help navigating the system can make the probate process much easier to get through. What is  Probate? Many people ask this question because probate has a bad rap, but if the process is handled correctly, it is a good thing.